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Professional Training Courses

Level 4 Security offers customizable professional training courses for a variety of sectors and organizations.  Our instructors are amongst the best in the business and bring decades of real-world experience into the classroom.  Two of our most popular courses are:

Workplace Violence – Active Threat Management

The Workplace Violence Active Threat Management Program covers sensitive topics such as human safety, security access and potential vulnerabilities, active threat awareness and response options to consider during an incident.  This course is developed to help employees and contractors to identify potential risks from active threats.  A discussion on security protective measures and procedures and determine potential actions to be taken in response to an active threat situation. We also review how the response and recovery aspects of an active threat incident are critical to the survival of the organization.

  • Active Threat Overview and Statistics
  • Indicators and personalities of potentially violent people
  • Precautions and preventative measures for employees and contractors
  • How to best prepare for a potential threat in the workplace
  • Communications and Notifications
  • Response and Law Enforcement Assistance
  • Basic medical considerations

Professional Physical Security Training Course

The Level 4 Security Physical Security Concepts Course covers the strategies, technologies & operations that can be deployed to better protect life, while still meeting the organization’s core mission.  We instruct industry best practices for managing the physical security function and provide an understanding on how the principles of physical security work together.  A review of the concepts in performing security surveys, planning for security countermeasures, design criteria, and subsystem components will also be covered.

  • Fundamental Concepts of Physical Security
  • Risk Vulnerability and Threat Assessments
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Security Design Concepts and Integration
  • Security Operations and Officers
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Barriers and Protective Lighting
  • Intrusion Detection Systems / Contraband Detection
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Business Continuity and Recovery

For more information on our professional courses, or to discuss your training needs in more detail, please complete the form located on the “Contact” page of this website and we will respond. Thank you.