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Level 4 Security LLC is a global security services firm that provides certified risk and security consultants and has demonstrated leadership within the industry. We provide comprehensive analysis, support, and advice to private organizations and governments on issues ranging from disaster management to counterterrorism. We help our clients assess deficiencies, understand threats and develop integrated security procedures and countermeasures to protect critical assets. Our expertise lies in Physical Security, Strategic Security Leadership, Vulnerability Risk Assessments, FERC/NERC audit support, Hydroelectric Dam Security, Gas Transmission Security, Electric Substation/Switchyard Security, Security Program development and Active Threat and Workplace Violence preparedness.

Level 4 professionals bring real-world experience gained when working as practitioners in the security industry. Level 4 also develops integrated security solutions, security programs, policies and procedures; performs risk, threat and vulnerability assessments; security program design, professional training and compliance audits.

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