Active Threat Management



The reality of being faced with a violent threat is one of the most impactful incidents that an organization can face.  Despite the recent increase in violent incidents, many organizations do not know where to begin or how to address this growing problem.

Active threats are unpredictable and challenging to prevent; however, the duty of care to provide a safe environment for employees, guests and contractors can no longer be ignored. An effective Active Threat Management Plan doesn’t begin when the incident occurs, but should be in place, along with the proper coordination and training prior to an incident.

Some organizations are reluctant to develop and implement active threat management mitigation programs due to potential of increasing anxiety in some employees.  Breaking through this barrier of apprehension begins with a holistic and customizable approach to threat management. By being proactive over what can be controlled during an incident, such as planning and training strategies, organizations can be prepared for and effectively respond to an active threat, to the best of their ability.

Preparation and communication are the cornerstones to reducing risk in active threat situations.  Quick implementation and effective communication can save lives. Planning and knowledge increases confidence and confidence increases decisiveness – and it is decisive action that is critical to lessen the impact of an incident. Empowering employees on how to identify and communicate possible high-risk indicators such erratic or irrational behaviors can help to prevent these violent attacks.

Active threat violence planning is seldom a “one size fits all” solution. No matter how your organization decides to handle active threat management, it is important that a documented process is in place detailing the process and the reasoning behind such decisions.

At Level 4 Security we tailor each Active Threat Management Plan to fit the organization’s culture and workplace environment. We work with the leadership team to provide impactful solutions that support, rather than intimidate the staff.

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