Security Risk Assessments



A Security Risk Assessment is the first step in building a comprehensive security program. The Security Risk Assessment process is a comprehensive process that involves the identification of assets, consequences, vulnerabilities, threat picture, and existing security program effectiveness. All sites and facilities have some level of risk that is inherent to their design, method of construction, or lack of protective measures.

To build an effective risk mitigation program you must first understand what is required to protect it.  This is where a Security Risk Assessment can help the organization to identify and improve their overall risk management program.

Automated security assessment tools are not always effective when it comes to asymmetrical threats. Only skilled professionals executing proven manual methods can provide a realistic perspective on protective measures and procedures from an attacker’s point of view.  We believe that only certified professionals with substantial experience should be performing assessments – in matters of security – experience counts. We are continually developing and improving our processes as the threat environment changes.

A Level 4 Security assessment can provide you with information that you can use to effectively communicate the quantification of vulnerabilities and the corresponding support requirements to both internal and external stakeholders. The Security Risk Assessment process can assist the organization in maximizing their expenditures and optimizing their security program performance. 

Level 4 Security brings collective and up-to-date knowledge to our clientele using best industry practices. We have performed assessments and developed risk tools for many organizations over the years.  We have hands-on experience in developing and performing assessments for: Government, Energy, Dams, Education, Industrial, Commercial, Healthcare, Utilities, Manufacturing, Law Enforcement, Food and Agriculture, Water and Wastewater, Financial, Tourism and Retail.

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