Security Program & Policy Development



To effectively manage risk, security management needs to grow and evolve on a continual basis. Gaps often emerge and undermine the program’s effectiveness. Deficits in security leadership can be costly, and the absence of a clear strategy can alter priorities and hinder synergies. Poor coordination in security across a corporation’s business units can drive up costs and obscure the total cost of security.

An effective security strategy must take into account the overall strategic objectives of the organization while focusing on critical processes and legal mandates. It is necessary to extend protective measures beyond the traditional boundaries. To complicate matters, the operational needs often directly conflict with security practices.

Security is the cornerstone that underpins all business operations.   As such, security should be integrated with all aspects of the organization to ensure that risks are effectively mitigated and that business challenges are minimized. The protection of people is the most critical function of a security program.

Security policies, and standard operating procedures should be developed and implemented to ensure that all operations are effectively managed and protected. This includes collaboration between all stakeholders and at all levels within the organization.  Appropriate training programs, planning should be established and implemented to ensure that all employees and contractors understand the security program requirements.

At Level 4 Security, we work closely with our clientele to develop, improve and sustain comprehensive security and risk management programs. We work to advance business and mission objectives while managing cost to an effective level. By aligning security strategy, organizational structure, people, processes and technologies we can build security programs that work to protect organizational assets while supporting the organizational mission.

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